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About Us

We've changed a bit since the early days.

Back in 1987 we harnessed the power of a single great idea and a large can of entrepreneurial spirit. And that worked for us. The ready-to-drink brands we became known for were a roaring success and that foundation made us who we are today. But things that refuse change don’t last long, which is why in 2020 we announced our next exciting evolution – becoming Carlton Premium Beverages. We are now part of Carlton & United Breweries – the Australian alcohol business Division of Asahi Beverages.

The beauty of our industry is that it evolves. And we seek to evolve with it.

Realising this is what drives us to do more. From diversifying our portfolio to developing exciting new ways to put a meaningful stamp on the drinks industry, we're not afraid to dream big, look to the future and ask with confidence and an ambitious glint in our eye, "WHAT'S NEXT?" 

In 2020, ‘what’s next?’ saw Asahi Beverages’ acquisition of Carlton & United Breweries, and as part of that, we ‘moved in’ with our beer-loving colleagues to extend their iconic portfolio with our much loved brands and services; and in doing so, changed our name to Carlton Premium Beverages.

We’ll never stop asking ‘what’s next?’ and each time we find an answer to that question we’ll adapt, staying true to our entrepreneurial roots, so that our story evolves with us. And you.

Our Parent Company

Asahi's history dates back to 1889 under the name Osaka Breweries, with Asahi Breweries becoming a separate company in 1949. Today, it is the largest brewer in Japan with a head office in Tokyo, 19 regional branches and nine breweries across the country. Asahi Group employs about 21,000 people around the globe, and focuses on alcohol beverages, soft drinks, food and healthcare. 

Key products and brands include Asahi Super Dry, one of Japan’s best-known and most popular beer brands, as well as ready-to-drink beverages, whisky, wine and spirits, including shochu and sake. In addition, the group produces canned coffee, tea-based beverages and carbonated soft drinks. It also produces a wide range of food products, pharmaceuticals and supplements. 

To find out more about Asahi Group Holdings, click here.

Our Parent Company